Acrylic Beauty Blending Sponge Organizer and Drying Tray; Fits All Brands


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About This Product

THIS PREMIUM Acrylic Beauty Sponge Drying Tray & Storing Organizer Provides 9 Space Storage; Designed To Fit Various Brand Sizes & Shapes.

Made From a Single Mold of Pure Crystalline Acrylic

  • 9 Spaces for all brands and sizes of beauty makeup sponges
  • Made from a single mold with no glued pieces
  • Made with beveled edges and with no sharp edges
  • Made with clear crystalline acrylic mimicking the look of glass
  • Designed with a bottom flared edge for style and added stability

Beveled Cradles Contour To Wet & Dry Sponges

  • Increases the airflow for faster a faster drying time
  • The beveled cradles ensure a proper fit for wet and dry sponges
  • Organise your sponges all in one tray for faster access and visibility
  • Water proof crystalline acrylic that doesn't stain and cleans easily

Why Our Beauty Sponge Organizing Drying Tray?

  • Reduces studio vanity clutter
  • Faster access to each of your sponges
  • Adds a sleek modern look to your makeup room
  • Prevents unwanted odors from forming
  • Faster drying time for your next use
  • Increases the life of your sponges
  • Prevents staining and fading
  • Prohibits the growth of fungi on your sponges
Stop using the original packaging or a closed container to store your sponges immediately!

Importance of prohibiting fungal growth on your sponges?

Mold and mildew can cause...
  • Skin rashes
  • Coughing & Sneezing
  • Redness of the eyes
  • Wheezing & runny nose

Both mold and mildew are keen on moist, warm areas where they like to sprout their homes. They can also each grow on a multitude of surfaces, especially your beauty sponges! Your beauty sponge is an ideal home for these fungi to move into if they are moist and enclosed without fresh supply of oxygen to prevent mold from beginning to grow. This is where our thoroughly designed beauty sponge organizer and drying tray will keep you from getting potentially very sick!

  • BEAUTIFUL Individual Protective Product Packaging Included
  • PLEASE NOTE products inside acrylic storage are NOT included & are for demonstration purposes only.